PawComfort Clumpy Litter With Free Scoop

/PawComfort Clumpy Litter With Free Scoop

PawComfort Clumpy Litter With Free Scoop


  • Control litter box odors
  • Long-lasting
  • Clumpy Litter
  • Free Scoop with Each Bag


PawComfort Clumpy Litter is not only healthy, safe and attractive to felines, but also convenient and as mess- and odor-free as possible. It has good deodorization properties (without the use of
fragrance), and exceptional urine clumping with easy waste removal.

Fine processed grains make the texture of the litter cat-friendly to minimize rejection.Odor control is paramount for most cat parents. You want something that will control litter box odors and be long-lasting. PawComfort Clumpy Litter is just the ideal choice for you.


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