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Paw Comfort SILKY COAT Shampoo for Cats




PawComfort Silky-Coat Shampoo contains Protein. So what EXACTLY IS PROTEIN?

Dog/Cat’s hair is protein! Tresses are primarily made up of protein filaments, called keratin,
and chains of amino acids. Exposure to harsh chemicals and poor maintenance can break up
the chains and lead to brittle, dull, and damaged strands. Protein strengthens and repairs
the keratin, therefore giving coat structure and helping it grow longer, stronger & shiny.

Limb and dull looking coat suffers from protein deficiency. The solution to this problem is fairly
simple. Use PawComfort Silky-Coat Shampoo to make up for this deficiency. As a result, your
Pet’s coat will instantly show more bounce and luster.

Protein is necessary for the growth of all cells, including hair cells. Fish, shellfish & other marine proteins are especially good for hair growth because they contain essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitamin B3 (Niacin), as well as the minerals iron & zinc. This formula washes away dirt and debris & beautifies the coat. ‘EASY RINSE’ technology keeps washing time to a minimum. Built in conditioners help improve the strength of the coat and bring out the coat’s natural luster.Enjoy a calming and relaxing experience that you and your favorite feline friends are sure to enjoy.


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