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Dog Clicker + Whistle


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  1. Fine Quality
  2. Clicked & Whistle (2 in 1)
  3. Used for puppy/dog training

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  • It’s not only a training clicker but also a whistle.
  • To use the Clicker, you need to teach your pet that a click means that a reward is to follow.
  • The dog’s behavior according to your instruction need to be trained.
  • Good training aid tool for your pets.
  • Small enough in your hand.
  • Raised button design to activate the click.
  • Develop your relationship with your pets through teaching and training them.
  • Great for training Obedience/Agility.


Material: Plasic
Color: Royal Blue
Method: Audible training
Dimensions: 72mm x 30mm x 22mm
Net Weight: 15g
Package includes: 1 x Pet Training Click & Whistle


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